Why Is Prioritising Direction Over Speed Essential For Your Career?

Written by Seb Jauslin

July 18, 2023

In the high-velocity world of today, it’s easy to get swept away in the relentless current of speed.

As ambitious professionals, we often believe that the faster we climb, the sooner we’ll reach our career apex.

But is speed truly the answer? In this article, I highlight an often-overlooked aspect of our career journeys: direction.

Imagine embarking on a powerful motorboat that can cut through the water at an impressive speed.

Where does that speed lead you without a map, a compass, or a destination?

Speed without direction can result in aimless wandering, wasted energy, and potential burnout.

Even with slower speed, a clear direction leads to progress, fulfilment, and success.

In our career journey, our purpose, values, and vision are the compass that sets our direction.

Discovering your direction in life requires introspection and honesty. It requires you to:


      1. Identify Your Core Values: Your values are your internal compass. They guide your decisions and behaviours. Reflect on what truly matters to you, and let your core values drive your career choices.

      1. Uncover Your Passion: Passion ignites the fire of motivation and brings joy to your work. When you align your career with your passion, you infuse your professional journey with purpose and enthusiasm.

      1. Define Your Vision: Your vision is the destination on your map. It’s where you aspire to be in the long run. Setting a clear, compelling vision gives you a definite direction and helps you stay motivated and focused.

    As leaders, providing direction is vital. Direction creates a sense of purpose, aligns teams, and guides strategic decision-making.

    Remember, a team that shares a common direction will ultimately make significant progress even if they are moving slowly.

    In our obsession with speed, we often forget to enjoy the journey. But it’s in the journey that we grow, learn, and build relationships.

    A slower pace allows us to savour these experiences, absorb lessons, and build resilience.

    In conclusion, while speed can be exhilarating, direction is critical.

    As you navigate your career and life, remember to periodically check your compass, adjust your course, and savour the journey.

    After all, success isn’t just about reaching the destination quickly; it’s about enjoying the voyage and ensuring it’s leading you where you truly want to go.

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