7 Signs That You Are Leading From a Place of Hurt

Written by Seb Jauslin

November 13, 2022

Without self-awareness and the ability to manage our emotions, we unconsciously lead from a place of hurt.

We use a position of power to fill a self-worth gap and end up projecting our pain onto others, causing severe trust issues such as:

▸ Being in comparison mode

▸ Taking credit for ideas that aren’t ours

▸ Always knowing instead of learning

▸ Seeking approval from others

▸ Climbing the corporate ladder at the expense of colleagues

▸ Suffocating innovation and creativity

▸ Fostering disengagement and a destructive culture

⚠️ Changing jobs, partners, cities, or countries won’t give us what we need.

✔️ Identifying the source of the hurt and returning to that place to do the work is the only fix that will end that long search.

🏆 In our recent “Striking Transformations Through Coaching” LinkedIn Live, we honoured those brave leaders.

They chose courage over comfort to overcome crises from childhood, marriage, career or health to transform their leadership style.

As daring leaders, we must stay curious about our blind spots if we want to help those around us uncover their own in a safe and supportive way.

The difference between leading from hurt and leading from heart is not what you’ve experienced; it is what you do with it!

Are you ready to create an irresistible leadership style that represents you?

I’d be delighted to hold you accountable until leading from the heart becomes a habit.

📞 Message me to get started.

Credit: This post was inspired by Brené Brown‘s inspirational work on the subject.

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